Terms & Conditions

  • The Company:
    Blank Page Projects is currently operating unregistered. The company is awaiting to be registered as a Private Company ((Pty) Ltd.) and will be treated by law as a separate legal entity. We are operating within our legal limitations.
  • Deposit:
    A preliminary deposit of 50% of the quoted amount is required from all new clients before any services rendered or implemented. This fee is used to cover all Blank Page’s services intended for marketing your business as well as brand orientation and project set-up. Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Operating Hours:
    Blank Page Projects’ offices are open Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 17:00. We do make provisions for projects that may need our attention after hours and on weekends for which we do not charge extra (community management hourly rate of R250 per hour).
  • 3 Month Sign Up Period:
    All clients and projects must sign up to Blank Page Projects for a minimum of three months. If the client wishes to terminate their services with-in the three months, the client must settle their outstanding account within one month after termination. All client’s three month accounts are set to a minimum of three times the initial deposit.
  • Community Management:
    We charge an hourly rate of R250 / hour for community management services. Community Management includes active & re-active online engagement for all of your online profiles combined depending on your package / product. We will adjust your budget to our monthly schedule and allocate time to-be spent on your project through-out the month accordingly and appropriately. We strive to maintain high-quality public relation and customer services by managing your re-active engagement for which we accept no financial responsibility or any repercussions that may be caused by reactive engagements.
  • Websites, SEO & Google AdWords:
    BASIC: All of our websites are created and developed on Wix. Hosting of the websites domain name will be held by either Wix or Fast Forward Marketing depending, or by the previous registrar. Domain names are registered through Blank Page Project’s account unless the client specifies otherwise. Please note, once-off website fee does NOT include the price / cost of email registration if necessary but is charged by Blank Page Projects at no extra fee. This means payment of the domain name is transferred from Blank Page’s bank account unless the client specifies they want it from their own bank account.
    Search Engine Optimisation is limited to Wix capabilities and functions.
    ADVANCED: All websites, SEO and Google AdWords are created and developed by and through our mutual partner Fast Forward Marketing.
  • Paid Media:
    Please note: The Paid Media minimum fee of R1500.00 (Basic) and R3000.00 (Advanced) does not include your Paid Media Budget. Your Paid Media Budget is the amount that the client is willing to spend on pay-per-click digital marketing advertising.
    BASIC: minimum spend = R250.00 per month.
    ADVANCED: minimum spend R1000.00 per month.
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia:
    Our visual production team consists of a number of established and freelance entities as well as in-house. Blank Page Projects places no extra costs on graphic design and multimedia elements. Clients are expected to pay and settle accounts from our resources and suppliers directly. If the resource or supplier invoices Blank Page Projects, the client will receive the amount for the elements on their Blank Page Projects invoice.
  • Payments:
    Blank Page Projects and our representatives issue our invoices for services rendered on the 25th day of the month (or closest business day). If payment is not received within seven (7) days of invoices issued, all blank page services and current operations will be ceased and withdrawn until payment has been received.

Make Payments To (Blank Page Projects’ Bank Details):
Bank: FNB
Branch: 250655
Account Name: Blank Page Projects
Account Number: 62585703385
Account Type: Cheque Account
Reference: (#Quote / #Invoice / Your Name / Company Name)

  • Other Paid Services:
    Blank Page offers to make purchase of external marketing tools on your behalf at no extra fee but the cost must not exceed the client advertising budget set. This means that tools such as Facebook advertising, bulk SMS’s, graphic design and website registration can be purchased and paid for by Blank Page Projects on the client’s behalf and the client’s budget for the month will be rearranged accordingly. The client is then expected to reimburse Blank Page Projects for any product / service purchased on their behalf.