Why is community management and social media marketing so important?
Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, community cause, product, service, brand or individual, all businesses now should have a digital, online presence. Interacting with your customers and fans on a social platform gives your brand a voice, gives your followers a forum to air their views and ultimately gives you the best insight into your brand in order to decrease costs, improve production and grow your business!

customer-relationship-managementBlank Page offers an all-round, comprehensive and holistic social media community management service where we create and help you develop your online presence with active and re-active engagement between you and your followers. This means that you can finally focus on your business knowing that your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are not only being managed and maintained, but now they have a strategy behind them aimed to drive sales and traffic to your business and brand!

We specialize in generating leads, increasing sales and driving traffic towards your brand, products and/or service. Utilising paid social media marketing as well as increasing organic reach, we help you create, develop and maintain a strategic content plan designed specifically for your target market.

Monthly reporting analytics and statistics helps you in making and meeting your projections and assists you with important financial decisions about stock, production and turnover. A positive return on investment shows that you’re moving in the right direction! Blank Page will analysing this data to continuously develop your market research, databases and target audience.


Social media profiles will also often become a platform for public relations, consumer complaints and grievances. So it is imperative how you respond to dissatisfied customers and trolls. Blank Page is your new customer complaints hot-line! Learning and getting orientated with your voice gives us the ability to respond to most of your followers’ queries. Some issues may be too sensitive or confidential for us to resolve, in which case, we’ll escalate them directly to you for feedback. Not only will we manage your online profile but Blank Page also considers enabling our Thru-The-Line marketing tactics as community management. This means that if you need to send out bulk SMS’s, get your advert on radio or TV, billboards, flyers-drops and guerrilla marketing, it is all considered to be a part of your digital marketing community management package.

Our services are ideal for your own time-management, lead-generation, driving traffic and engaging with customers. You’re now putting the right marketing tools in place; while Blank Page advertises and maintains your online profiles, you can focus on running your business!