Providing advertising and digital marketing services to SME’s, retailers, brands, NPO’s, corporations, individuals and other small businesses to fulfill any marketing need!


Blank Page Projects offers a wide range of digital marketing and communication services including graphic design and multimedia focused on corporate social identity (CSI), business and marketing strategies as well as monthly community management services.

Blank Page Projects launched our services in April 2011.

Our Vision is to grow and develop passionate businesses through Communication Strategies and Digital Marketing Services.

Our Mission is to provide the most economical and cost-effective, high-quality communication strategies and digital content marketing for brands and companies to achieve their consumer goals and objectives.

Blank Page Projects and our partners are mutually beneficial by sharing our resources with one another as well as our clients, creating a well-balanced exchange of productive and profitable business opportunities and resources.

We aim to eliminate mediocrity and substandard outcomes in advertising, public relations and B2B / B2C communication amongst consumers, brands, organisations and their communities by using market research and ROI analytics skills.

Tailor-made digital marketing and community management at the lowest, most cost-effective prices for your advertising budget and Corporate Social Identity.

11931749_10154133220038916_1484037399_nWe forecast the client’s specific goals and objectives of communication with a calculated positive Return On Investment (ROI) for the most cost-effective solutions. Collectively our team are innovative thought-leaders in our industry and marketing developers focused on making us the digital marketing agency for EVERYONE!

The formula to calculate Return On Investment (ROI) is: The rate of return divided by the cost of investment. Calculating the ROI, we take the client’s net income / lead-rate generated and compare that against what the client had before. We then divide that number by the amount invested / spent with Blank Page and you’ll see a POSITIVE percentage reflecting your ROI. This means that the money our clients spend with us is seeing a real positive return on their investment.
For the past 4 years, all of our clients have seen a positive ROI and we are confident we can offer the same to our future clients.

Blank Page Projects takes pride in our never ending journey of learning the ins-and-outs of digital marketing and social media trends. Our employees participate in online training programmes and attend seminars to stay current with our industry trends.


Meet The Team!

Collectively, our employees have attained Marketing, Industrial Psychology, Business Administration and Communication degrees. We apply our knowledge every day while practicing our craft and our insight into the advertising and marketing industry is gives us the ability to conduct in-depth business analysis to improve production and decrease costs.


Co-Founder | New Business

The Man, has been at the forefront of digital marketing in South Africa since it began. With numerous advertising awards to his name you can expect a career of positively exponential success, while leaving no man left behind.

Saul Stark

Co-Founder | CEO

Saul Stark is a tech savvy and creative young mind. He has strategized and developed many projects nationwide and holds a progressive and altruistic attitude on all things business.

Our home office is based in the friendly suburb of Orange Grove in the North East of Johannesburg.

Our hours are very flexible and we’d love to meet up with you to discuss your business plans

Cell: +(27)79 276 6607

Tel: +(27)11 425 0252


Address: 92 17th Street, Orange Grove, Johannesburg